​About Us

 Phoenix Global Enterprises (PGE) is a newly incorporated e-commerce retail management business who buy existing online retail sites/businesses.
PGE is the 'holding Company' for a number of trading names and other limited companies, these include at present the following but will increase as PGE grows
·         FireQuest UK Ltd
·         Just Fire Doors
·         Vintage Vibe
·         Pets Perfect

The original business (FireQuest UK Ltd) was incorporated in 2002 and is organised within the fire safety industry, offering consultancy and training.
Just Fire Doors is an e-commerce based business which has been operating as a trading name under FireQuest UK Ltd since 2009 and mainly provides fire doors.
The latest acquisition has been Vintage Vibe (furniture) and Pets Perfect (pet products) which were purchased also early 2017 along with a 29% share in the Colossal Group as above.
Our new business model is set within the e-commerce sector and the primary market is purchasing of existing online businesses with a proven track record on trading.
PGE has at its heart, a philosophy which ensures that the natural laws of the universe are followed. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships and we will always go that extra mile by putting our customers and staff at the forefront of everything we do.
Our team of 7 staff have been recruited on the understanding that they all support the company’s philosophy in return which also is to enjoy life, be happy and health conscious and increase their wealth as they desire. Also, to work in an environment which encourages personal development, confidence and an eagerness and expectation for the business to succeed from all their individual efforts and most of all to enjoy working to achieve the same goals.
Team members bring in their personal ideas, their enthusiasm and a lot of determination, which has made for a business realisation, that we can set goals and achieve everyone, especially when we all set our minds to it.
We have at our hearts, the willingness and desire to help all people who may be less fortunate than ourselves, no matter their colour, creed, orientation, or gender.
We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and are always willing to go that extra mile. We are in the business of serving other people and we want to make sure that our customers feel that their experiences, have given them a reason to return to purchase other items from us, as they have been looked after well and had an enjoyable  and rewarding shopping experience.
We don’t claim to be perfect and being human we do, on occasions, make mistakes. However, we pride ourselves on how we resolve these mistakes, mainly to the satisfaction of our customers, notwithstanding that we may ask for a reasonable approach to be considered by our customers in certain times when things don’t go exactly to plan.
All our staff have a positive attitude and will help customers through any purchasing process where necessary. Most of our multi businesses are online enterprises and we have a wealth of knowledge running these sites, but should you require any further help please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements on 01332 295576 or email us at sales@phoenixglobal-enterprises.com

​​​Our Philosophy

We believe in treating all people as equals, we are focused and driven in helping less fortunate people than ourselves and all our e-commerce businesses are linked to an individual charity. We willingly give where possible as part of our philosophy and at the heart of our business is honesty, integrity, trust, loyalty, transparency, dedication, forgiveness and a willingness to learn something new every day. We also make a concerted effort to follow the natural laws of the universe as part of our approach in running Phoenix Global Enterprises.
In addition, we will not condone any of the following, jealousy, hatred, anger, dishonesty, revenge, greed or superstition and we always encourage, hope, faith, belief, a will to succeed, love, trust and encourage a ‘never to be satisfied’ approach to life, even though we are content, we are never satisfied as this is a creative state.  
Our goal is to provide our customers with an enjoyable shopping experience, with high quality goods at reasonable prices. The most important thing for us, is that our customers feel they have purchased value for money products and have received excellent customer service and we will always go that extra mile to help and accommodated our customers wherever we can.
We believe that there has been a lack of care by retail businesses in recent times when serving their customers. We will always try our best, from our web site design and navigation through the ordering process and to the point of delivery, because we care.
Our dedicated delivery couriers not only offer a delivery time with a pre- call to delivery, but will also assemble products where required which is all included in our prices. Our couriers also carry goods above the ground floor if safe to do so. 
Behind our online presence our team, who all like myself believe that the customers opinion counts. We listen to ways we can improve our products and services, so if you have a suggestion or idea or even complaint, please get in touch via our email address, when a member of our team will get back to you with our response. We don’t just offer empty promises, we do what we say we will do.  
As the CEO of Phoenix Global Enterprises, I am proud of all my staff. We are constantly striving to improve our brand and we continue to move towards becoming a global force.
Our ultimate goal is to help change the way businesses operate across the globe and as part of this philosophy, we intend as part of our business acquisitions, to offer all new staff members a share in the business they work in and to remove any ‘fat cat’ CEO/Director/shareholder owners.
As our newly purchased businesses grow and become increasingly more prosperous, the additional income will be shared out to the people who need it most, therefore helping to remove poverty around the world.
The more money we earn the more we will give to charity and to team members who will continue to grow our business. We are determined to continue to become a Global Enterprise and we welcome any help to achieve our main goal of changing the way businesses are managed across the world.

We hope you find our philosophy refreshing and a way of getting back to old fashion values, we care about people, the planet and our environment and we aim to share this with all our customers and people we work with.
We are determined to maintain this approach in all services and products we sell and hope that our customers will return on a regular basis and support our cause.

Dave Dorricott
CEO Phoenix Global Enterprises

​Our Portfolio 
Vintage Vibe
Just Fire Doors
Pets Perfect​
​​​FireQuest UK Ltd

​​​Associated Charities
Each Director at Phoenix Global Enterprises has nominated a charity of which we will be given regular donations.
The aim of the charity is to support the families of children fighting leukaemia or cancer, by gifting them a free holiday and allowing them to spend much needed, quality family together away from the overwhelming hospital environment.
At Jerry Green Dog Rescue we rescue, care for and rehome abandoned and unwanted dogs, and will never put a dog to sleep unless its health or temperament make this the kindest option.
Our House (Ndako Ya Biso) is a centre based in Kinshasa DRC helping street children to be reunited with their families, return to education and learn work skills for the future. We are a registered charity and supported by the Chemin Neuf Community (CCN), a Catholic ecumenical community with missions throughout the world.
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.


​Jerry Green Dog Show

On Sunday 30th April and Monday 1st May one of our associated charities, Jerry Green Dog Rescue, held a Dog Show at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire.
In celebration of recently taking over Pets Perfect we decided to hold a stall of our own. We ran a raffle to win a hamper full of dog treats and toys, of which all proceedings went directly to Jerry Green Dog Rescue.
  1. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  2. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  3. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  4. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  5. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  6. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  7. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  8. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  9. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  10. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  11. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  12. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  13. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  14. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show
  15. Jerry Green Dog Show
    Jerry Green Dog Show

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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